Hello, Daydreamers! We do have some confusing (and possibly unfortunate news). Paul Moss — who was previously thought to be Adele's publicist but has since become one of our top sources for information on Adele's third studio album — has delivered some good news and some bad news. 

Today, Paul Tweeted:

Now registered for release with ID Number, will have 1 year to release from the date signed. Anytime from Now until June 2015!

Curious about the album, I Tweeted to him hoping for a response. Paul was generous enough to respond and confirmed that it had been registered but had no title yet (which contradicts our previous indication from Adele's Tweet back in May in which she basically confirmed the album was titled 25), and he also said that the album could be due out anywhere from now until June 2015. He said that he believes the album will be out in January of 2015, which, again, would contradict our previous indication given to us by Adele that it was coming later in the year. He also confirmed that XL Recordings is approximating a January 2015 release for the album because they won't release it until they are happy with the final recording. This would stick to her usual release schedule, being that 19 and 21 were both released in January.

So, what does this mean for the album? As far as we know, it is still coming this year. Adele technically doesn't have to release it until June of 2015 — actually, she can technically release it whenever she pleases — however as far as we know, the code given to the album that it was registered under will expire if she does not release it by then. Although Paul believes it will be out by January, he said that the lead single at least will be out by this year if all goes well. For now, though, we should still believe that the album is titled 25 and will be released later in the year.

We will keep you updated as more details become available.

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